Monday, 20 May 2013

New day - new challenge

After a period of complete and utter loss of my making mojo, i joined in with another smaller challenge.
The challenge was to make a piece of jewellery which reflected this image supplied by our host Dina Bruinsma.
I actually started out with lots of crystals and chains but could not get into a creative flow with them.
I think i have been over thinking my pieces and tried to simplify matters by making earrings.
After going through my stash of beads i found out some crystals that were given to me by my grandma when i was a child along with lots of buttons.
One pair of crystals reminded me of the red lanterns in this picture and so these were my starting point.
I found some lovely s linked silver chain and added some diamonte balls to emulate the fantastic tower.
Defiantly enjoyed this challenge and my making mojo is returning at last.