Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The process

I have a very open love/ hate relationship with cutting out my metal jewellery items.
I spend a lot of time prepping the metal and drawing out the images, only to then begin procrastinating  cutting them out!
Once i get started i always enjoy the challenge and almost meditative sawing, but the worry in the back of my mind is hovering (what if i go wrong/or just don't like it?)
Lots of people have told me although i may not like the end result they do!
It always makes me sit back and think maybe i should just go with the flow more and see the reaction to my work, whether it is positive or not.
I thought i would share some pictures of my favourite item to work with, my copper hares.
                                           Taped copper with freehand drawn image

                                          Rough cut hare ready for filing.

One finished Hare necklace with fern deco embossing.

The addition of a tumbler to my workshop has drastically speeded up the finishing process and i would recommend that anybody thinking of making lots of metal pieces invest in one.