Friday, 16 October 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to my tiny blog.
When i heard about lees blog hop i was very excited to join in as i loved the theme idea.
But then my mojo which has been a occasional guest finally decided to depart completely.
For days (weeks) i couldn't  face going into my workspace as every thing seemed to be shouting out to me all at once! 
That was until this last 12 days. I have spent lots of time outside walking and soaking in nature whilst capturing images of toadstools. All of my communing refreshed my being and made me realise we all have these ebbs and flows in life, but the wheel keeps turning.

I remembered a lady once said to me i should try to incorporate my love of toadstools into my work and so i did! 
When we look at these amazing organisms we should remember they are on the journey too whilst helping the wood they grow from rot into the earth.

This was a real learning curve as far as making tiny copper objects, the smallest caps measure 2.5mm and all have been brazed onto the stalks before being fitted into wood that has been collected on my walks locally and on English beaches.
 Although this was made to pop onto a shelf it is so small it could be worn as a pendant.

This piece is a tiny ornament with the copper toadstools placed at one end.

 I also made myself some fun earrings ready for halloween.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,
Enjoy the Dance.

I really hope i have linked everything properly and that you can continue from this page.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015


So the time has come around (really quickly!) for the Bead peeps swap hop reveal.
And i made it with a few hours to spare too.Whoop whoop.
So to recap this is the gorgeous bundle of beads and focal pieces yep thats right more than one! 
All sent to me by the wonderful  Robin Showstack.

Just look at them all, careful not to drool over your keyboards.

So back to the serious business, what i made.
Image number one is the first item i made (several times)

I have wanted to try this style of necklace for a while, and when i saw the wonderful mop drops and the larger blue drops i knew i would go for it.
My original design featured chain at the end of the wire bars that hold the drops, but i found myself hating the way it looked and so changed it to sari silk.
But again i found myself thinking it was not quite right.
This led me to think that i should just make my own links using copper wire and the little Jablonex beads that i used as droplet spacers.
'Bingo' i loved it, but  i realised the toggle from my goodies did not work with the copper wire wrap so i made my own.
Added a pair of droplet earrings and completed my first set.

Whilst i had discounted the Sari silk from the above necklace i still wanted to use it and so my second set in the next image is what i made.
'Dragonfly dancer'
 I used the wonderful gold clasp Robin had sent at the front of the silk and added chain and bead dangles.

Lastly i loved the little wiggle pieces of metal and miracle beads so added them to the fab jade focal and made some fun earrings to go with them.

 The hardest problem i had was getting an image, those miracle beads are tricky little devils. 

I really had a great time once i got started and i am really looking forward to seeing what Robin has made with the beads i sent her at her blog
What about the other beads i can here you shouting! Well they are a whole new post coming soon ;)

Blog list below: i hope!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Bead block

So after receiving all of these gorgeous beads from my swap partner Robin Showstack,
i find myself gazing at them daily but without any inspiration to guide me they remained untouched until today!

I cleared the table in my work space and spread the beads across it, i pottered and tidied and kept coming back and then slowly a little glimmer appeared ,
and then a pattern started to form,
it was a rocky start
but finally the project is rolling.

I hope this will continue through the next weeks before show day, keeping my fingers crossed and eyes firmly on the bead table. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

After much deliberation i finally got together the components for sending to my partner in the great bead swap.

I actually put together four different sets and then had a terrible time choosing between them all,so changed the whole lot and settled on one lovely mixture.
Of course the pictured is a swirly so you only get the vague idea of what is there and i can't wait for Robin to receive them, although i am really nervous and hope she likes my choice.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Partner in crime

I have finally stopped jumping up and down with glee long enough to write this post.
At the same time as looking through my very talented partners blog.
So without further a due here she is
Robin Showstack 
Maker of some wonderful jewellery and liker of some great BBC programmes :)
I am in awe of the many different hops Robin has participated in , and after a quick chat find we have some similar likes and dislikes!
Now i can start the first part of this challenge, sorting which selection of goodies i will send to her.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Not all those who wander…………..

I am sure after seeing the cryptic title of this post you are wondering what it is all about?
Well here goes.
My journey into making jewellery seriously started several years ago when i realised i had to listen to the doctors advice.
After lots of making and sculpting using wood and metals my wrists were unable to take any more.
Arthritis was causing me a lot of pain and missed work days.
My answer was to turn to jewellery making, which had always been a occasional hobby.

Example of some of my work.

I love using copper and am hoping to get some silver making lessons this year.
I love using artisan components in all colours ,shapes and sizes. 
I have no firm dislikes when it comes to beads and components, although there could always be a first time.
Vintage items are wonderful to work with as are all new beads. 
I love most materials and would always have a go with new ones.

My work is very eclectic as are the materials i choose, although some would say i just can not decide on my favourite medium!

This collage of some of my work sums up my travels with jewellery making over the last couple of years.
I have never ventured into the mysteries of seed beading/weaving as i view the wonders of this art too magical for me!!
I love copper work and cutting,torching, hammering makes me feel like i still sculpt(just in miniature)
I find asymmetric work really hard although i do occasionally make pieces.
I am still finding my feet with blogging so your patience is appreciated and any constructive advice graciously received.
Ps trying to pop up side buttons asap.