Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hello hoppers, welcome to my little blog.
I have had the pleasure of being partnered with Rachel Mallis

Here are some pictures of the mixture of beads i sent to Rachel.

From Bo Hulley beads                            The Mix
By Lynnie Beads

                                             Blue box studio

Can't wait to see what Rachel does with the pink and blue heart/leaf beads as she professed they would be a challenge.

Talking of which here is a picture of my bead tray taken a while ago with the fab mix that Rachel sent me.
Lots of gorgeous goodies to play with!

And here is my first piece

I used the wonderful textured/coloured focal bead from Doris Nahle of Australia as my inspiration.
Lots of naturals and textures to compliment it.
The wooden tubes from New York were used as connecting beads.
So the main necklace has seeds and orange square shell beads running down into shell connector bars and to the focal.
The shell connector bars were then chained to a lovely textured shell oval which in turn was connected to another oval using the wooden tubes.
The base shell then had some tiny pearls added to the copper discs at each side just to bring it together.
I used the pretty clasp which reminded me of the sun and moon to finish the necklace.

Close up of texture on focal bead and clasp.

(On reflection i may make the necklace a little shorter so the breast plate shells sit higher)

Rachel also sent me some wonderful enamels from 4ophelia of Canada and lamp work beads by Meital plotnik of Israel, which tied in nicely with the main focal colour scheme. 
So two pairs of earrings were made.
Here is the first, it was impossible to get a good picture of the enamel without bleaching out the tiny pearls! 

The second pair using my copper headpins and discs 

Here they are together.

 My last piece nearly didn't get made as i could not find they right chain for it,but last minute inspiration saved the day! 

This was my last piece i wanted to try something completely different and disorganised.
So using a random mix of items Rachel sent and my own beads this is what i came up with!
From left to right there is Cherry quartz and frosted teal glass, turquoise, raw quartz, 
headpin from Janna Petrovna of Bulgaria
Carved bone bead, 
Red Enamel from 4Ophelia of Canada 
Antique key, spotty stone, kynite, blister pearl and another raw quartz point.
I spaced each bead out using headpins wrapped around the main necklace.
This is my favourite make of the swap (so far)
I have lots of wonderful beads left and will be using them over coming months, especially the gorgeous leather feathers made by Rachel.
Lastly a huge thank you to Linda Anderson for hosting this hop.

Thank you for visiting my blog enjoy the rest of the hop.
Sam ~ Pale Moon Creations

Linda Anderson
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Belated Bead Swap partner introduction

Well here i am with a very belated introduction to my Swap 'n' Hop partner!
Rachel Mallis Aka Mint

 And these are a few of her fab makes!

Rachel and i have been sending messages back and forth working out likes and dislikes and i must admit i changed what i was sending a couple of times just to add more of a challenge.
Rachel is studying Sculpture and has always had an interest in jewellery, which is wonderful as i took my degree in sculpture and turned to making jewellery and mini sculpture. 

After i sent my parcel it arrived very quickly and i think Rachel liked the goodies inside!
Take a look at her short film on face book to see how much.
I was on tender-hooks waiting for my parcel and was so happy once it arrived i opened it in a rush and then had retrace my steps to get a couple of photos of the fabulous boxes my goodies were packed in.
(I love boxes!)

And inside each one came more and more wonderful treats. I was slightly overwhelmed.
Here are some on my beading tray.
There are Enamels by 4Ophelia of Canada
Lamp work beads from Meital plotnik of Israel
Wooden tubes from New York
Lamp work focal by Janna Petrovna of Bulgaria
Some gorgeous Leather feathers made by Rachel herself
And a small extra box of goodies for me to use after the challenge!
I also got some wonderful teas from Rachel's friend at the camellias estate which were scrumptious.
Now time to get back to the beading mat.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tiny treasures captivate my soul

                       Tiny Treasures

I have been totally obsessed with making my tiny copper toadstools! Not jewellery i say to myself, not yet i think back!
So from little sculptures to tiny pendants my obsession shows little sign of abating.

Its a far cry from my normal eclectic styles, some of which i show below.




Saturday, 16 January 2016

Really its been that long!!

I can't believe i haven't updated since my last bead swap.Well ok i can as it always seems something else pops up to distract me.

Along with making jewellery i have been creating vintage inspired pieces too.
But my love of toadstools has really griped me and so lots of testing with designs and making various copper pieces inspired by the many toadstools i see on my walks.