Thursday, 26 December 2013

Holiday gift swap

It is Boxing day and all is finally calmed down enough for me to catch up a little bit.
Before Christmas i joined in with  a swap of gifts via the bead soup group.
I was paired up with the fabulous Krafty Max from
We both had a lot in common including being the same age!
After deciding how and what we would exchange i began to look through my jewellery makes,to find something i was proud of.
Now i have seen many beautiful items of jewellery made by lots of very creative people and always feel my work is progressing slowly. But despite this i found a few pieces that i have been truly proud of making.
After choosing one item i then saw a fabulous cabochon made by blueberribeads and i knew Max could turn it into a fabulous piece of jewellery.
So glad both arrived safe and sound.

I was overjoyed when i received my gift from Max it was a gorgeous set made from her Grandmothers stash.
I wore the necklace on Christmas day and it felt amazing.
(Forgive the picture it was very early)
The whole glamourous? picture can be seen on my Face book page

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The process

I have a very open love/ hate relationship with cutting out my metal jewellery items.
I spend a lot of time prepping the metal and drawing out the images, only to then begin procrastinating  cutting them out!
Once i get started i always enjoy the challenge and almost meditative sawing, but the worry in the back of my mind is hovering (what if i go wrong/or just don't like it?)
Lots of people have told me although i may not like the end result they do!
It always makes me sit back and think maybe i should just go with the flow more and see the reaction to my work, whether it is positive or not.
I thought i would share some pictures of my favourite item to work with, my copper hares.
                                           Taped copper with freehand drawn image

                                          Rough cut hare ready for filing.

One finished Hare necklace with fern deco embossing.

The addition of a tumbler to my workshop has drastically speeded up the finishing process and i would recommend that anybody thinking of making lots of metal pieces invest in one.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Double the fun challenge

On first viewing the two great pictures for this challenge i was struck immediately by the gorgeous colours of the Teal Goddess picture. I knew i had some beads that have been in my hoard that were the perfect colour to use.
Whats not to like about this beautiful picture.

But i then came to a full stop all the combinations i came up with just looked so flat and uninspiring, i began to really doubt being able to come up with anything before the deadline.

Every day i could feel the clock ticking away and still couldn't face trying any more variations to get my piece finished.
Then one morning the postman delivery a clasp i had been waiting for to use on another necklace and when i opened the package, i knew where to go with my necklace for the challenge.
It was full steam ahead and i ploughed through the stringing to create my Teal Goddess piece for the challenge.

And here it is Peacock lamp work beads,teal crystals some gorgeous stone rounds (unknown name) and pretty leaves, droplets and emerald nuggets dangling from the bottom.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hocus Pocus

My latest giveaway: Hocus pocus inspired necklace, using my favourite metal (copper) and some lovely beads.
This piece has some lovely Emerald chips wrapped above the Hocus copper tab, with 'potion powder' inside the centre bottle, one charm for protection against the 'Evil eye' above the 'Pocus' tab, two 'berries' which remind me of deadly nightshade all topped of with some beautiful hand dyed silk made by Sowzere  on Etsy.

All you need to do to win this necklace is comment below and for another chance pop to my face book page and like/comment on the photo.                                        
The winner will be chosen on Sunday 22 Sept

Monday, 17 June 2013

Durston disc cutting heaven

Well after buying a cheap disc cutter and returning it after one use, i used all my money (and some of my gorgeous husbands) to invest in a durston.
What a revelation, for years my husband has said to me when it comes to tools (he was a hgv mechanic) always buy the best. And i always said i could manage with cheaper.
Well i take it all back, the durston disc cutter cost a little under £200! but has been worth every penny.
I think being able to cut perfect circles helped me no end when it came to inspiration, bizarre though it sounds.
I have been cutting away like a woman possessed and using a lot of gorgeous discs in my latest makes.
Even the washer was made using the cutter, i'm sure many of you have various cutters pepe etc and felt just like this when you first got them. Or maybe i'm a little over excited (who knows?).

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Copper and glass

After a long spell of creative drought i think the rain is finally falling.
Revisiting some cut and etched pieces of copper work, i finally saw what i would like to use them for.
I had recently been to visit my daughter in london and of course had to stop off in a bead shop.
 The ceramic turquoise glazed beads were brought on a whim, but they topped off these earrings perfectly.
One small chip of faux turquoise to tie in the pretty green/blue glass flowers and a final polish and these were ready to show.

Monday, 20 May 2013

New day - new challenge

After a period of complete and utter loss of my making mojo, i joined in with another smaller challenge.
The challenge was to make a piece of jewellery which reflected this image supplied by our host Dina Bruinsma.
I actually started out with lots of crystals and chains but could not get into a creative flow with them.
I think i have been over thinking my pieces and tried to simplify matters by making earrings.
After going through my stash of beads i found out some crystals that were given to me by my grandma when i was a child along with lots of buttons.
One pair of crystals reminded me of the red lanterns in this picture and so these were my starting point.
I found some lovely s linked silver chain and added some diamonte balls to emulate the fantastic tower.
Defiantly enjoyed this challenge and my making mojo is returning at last.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bead Soup Reveal
This is it the final reveal has arrived.
This is my first bead soup and it was such a valuable learning experience, i am so glad to have been able to join.
So my partner for the swap was Dee Elgie her blog is
The first soup she sent of to me never arrived and i was so disappointed because it had lots of her own work in it.
But never the less Dee was great and sent me a replacement soup which included one of her gorgeous lamp work hearts.
I remade my first necklace several times but finally found a look i liked and would wear myself.

I used the heart focal, round rose quartz, rose quartz chunks and the diamonte clasp from my soup. Adding some crystals, rose quartz chips and white czech glass flowers as caps.

My second piece was a step outside my comfort area as i tried not to work completely symmetrically.
So using gunmetal chain i added a gorgeous focal bead from soup made by Pegasus added some dangles terminating with rose quartz,heart Swarovski bead and silvered crystal.
Along the chain i added a mix of rose quartz,pink cats eye, hematite from soup and little 6mm black bamboo beads.
The toggle is a standard one from my stash.

Lastly i really enjoyed using the tiny 6mm black bamboo beads and i had two more beautiful black lace  lentils from Dee which were made by Alchemy lamp work. I decided two combine them and made so cute little earrings.
I have loved the challenge of the soup and have been constantly amazed by the host Lori who started this fabulous blog hop a few years ago this is her soup blog.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, forgive me any mistakes i am very new to the 'blogging' but am beginning to enjoy it very much.
Please take the time to visit the other blogs in the group, i am trying to get to everybody (slowly).

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Monday, 22 April 2013

The start of something new......

I am slowly getting my head around setting up a more complete blog,website and etsy store.
This is going to be a long process for me due to my lack of confidence and knowledge of all these processes.
Please hang in there if you visit, my main post for now is for the Bead soup blog hop and pictures of my reveal should be up for the 27th April.
In the mean time these are the gorgeous beads i received from Dee Elgie at +Cherry Obsidia .