Monday, 10 February 2014

Asymmetry addiction overload

My own personal jewellery hell is trying to make non - asymmetric jewellery.
Which is proving very trying whilst making assembled vintage work, which of course is very eclectic.
My last piece lent itself to asymmetric design which you can see.
But trying hard to escape my inbuilt need to have things just so and shake my style up a little bit. ( even wire wrapping in a haphazard manor gets me nervous!)
So looking at getting the balance right and finding input from outside sources, on using less regimented (internal) forms of design.
Not easy when my inner self screams at me to get all items lined up and matching.
Any input on the subject would be gratefully received.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Omg how excited am i , the 8th bead soup sign ups are coming.
I first heard about the blog hop two years ago but only joined in for the first time last year.
I had a great time making my items with the beautiful soup i was sent and although it was a little stressful worrying about doing the wonderful beads justice the experience was amazing.
It has given me the confidence to start a new blog, try new jewellery making projects and i have met and made friends with some truly wonderful people.
So huge thanks to the lovely Lori Anderson the brilliant mind behind this huge sharing experience.x