Thursday, 12 September 2013

Double the fun challenge

On first viewing the two great pictures for this challenge i was struck immediately by the gorgeous colours of the Teal Goddess picture. I knew i had some beads that have been in my hoard that were the perfect colour to use.
Whats not to like about this beautiful picture.

But i then came to a full stop all the combinations i came up with just looked so flat and uninspiring, i began to really doubt being able to come up with anything before the deadline.

Every day i could feel the clock ticking away and still couldn't face trying any more variations to get my piece finished.
Then one morning the postman delivery a clasp i had been waiting for to use on another necklace and when i opened the package, i knew where to go with my necklace for the challenge.
It was full steam ahead and i ploughed through the stringing to create my Teal Goddess piece for the challenge.

And here it is Peacock lamp work beads,teal crystals some gorgeous stone rounds (unknown name) and pretty leaves, droplets and emerald nuggets dangling from the bottom.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hocus Pocus

My latest giveaway: Hocus pocus inspired necklace, using my favourite metal (copper) and some lovely beads.
This piece has some lovely Emerald chips wrapped above the Hocus copper tab, with 'potion powder' inside the centre bottle, one charm for protection against the 'Evil eye' above the 'Pocus' tab, two 'berries' which remind me of deadly nightshade all topped of with some beautiful hand dyed silk made by Sowzere  on Etsy.

All you need to do to win this necklace is comment below and for another chance pop to my face book page and like/comment on the photo.                                        
The winner will be chosen on Sunday 22 Sept